Everyone Can Get Better on Pull-Ups

We sometimes jump ahead of ourselves and put off improving upon the basics. The truth is we all could get better at a very simple yet essential movement, the Pull-Up. 

Even if you already have Muscle Ups and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups improving upon your fundamental base should still be a priority. A lot of times we want to learn the hardest, fanciest movements but first you should ask yourself: Can I even do 15 strict pull-ups? Can I even do 10?

Without the strength and stability in both your musculature and supporting ligaments and tendons that comes from strict controlled movements, you’re only increasing your chances of injury during high rep kipping movements. Please! I know the strict movements are not as exciting but don’t ignore them. Don’t assume you’ve mastered the Pull-up and ignore them every time they come up in a workout, choosing instead to do banded Muscle Ups. Become a pro at the basics and everything else will improve along with it. Be honest with yourself and put the time in to improve and shore up any weaknesses. 

Build to a Heavy then 4 sets at that heavy
3 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

12 Walking Lunges w/Plate (45/25)
9 Push Press (135/95)
6 Strict Pull-Ups

Performance Team
At a Heavy
4 Sets
1 Power Clean + 1 Power Clean and Jerk

Clean Pulls @100%+

Snatch Grip RDLs

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