Recently, I started incorporating running back into my schedule at least 2-3 times a week, and noticed something that I hadn’t really planned for. Lately, my day has been nothing but a task oriented day, whether it be taking care of things at work, at the gym, or even dedicating the majority of my free time to playing Ninjago, or Secret Life of Pets, or whatever the current cartoon hit is at the time with my daughter, to finishing my night writing this blog; my life has been one task after another from when I wake up at 4am to when I get to sleep. Even running started off as a task, but quickly into the very first run that I started, I noticed something: There were no distractions!
It was just me, the trail, some music, and my thoughts. It had been forever since I had spent some time in this easy melodic, slow aerobic state. I felt my mind begin to sort out thoughts that I didn’t even know were bothering me or weighing heavy on my mind. It hit me that by staying so busy, and always keeping my mind occupied, I lost the time to stop and focus on my own thoughts. I started to wonder if most adults stray from taking time out, to find the time to let their thoughts come and go freely without any outside tasks or distractions. I wondered if those of you at the gym find the time for this. It doesn’t necessarily have to come from running, there are many outlets (I know some of our members already road/mountain bike, or do yoga, or practice some sort of mindfulness or meditation), but I do think there has to be some sort of importance placed on this to reevaluate and check in with yourself from time to time. What I found also was that once I had finished my run, I was much more willing to jump in to whatever tasks I had because I had taken a nice break from it all.
Now I will still take a Saturday Bro Sesh workout with the CFLC members over some long run, but the meditation has helped me clear my head and prioritize the important things while not stressing so much over the things that don’t really matter all that much.

Push Press/Power Clean

2 Back Squats

Performance Team
5×1 High Hang Snatch
5×1 Hang Snatch
5×1 Snatch

2×15 Reverse Hypers
2×8 Glute Ham Raises

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