Developing a Better Rack

A lot of missed Jerk attempts come from a weak front rack position. Either due to lack of flexibility, strength, familiarity or all of the above. Many people miss or “rush” their Jerk after a successful Clean simply because they do not like the feeling of having a PR heavy bar resting on their shoulders and close to their neck. 

If you want to build to having a heavier Jerk, first start at your front rack position. Are the elbows high leaving the bar resting on your shoulders? Are the lats engaged and pushing through the triceps? Is the torso and chest big and full creating a stable platform for a solid Dip and Drive? Are you comfortable holding heavy lifts in the rack while still keeping your breath and not getting light headed?

A good first step towards building this strength can come from time under tension. Holding the position while loaded and going over the cues mentioned above over and over until it’s second nature. 

4 Sets
2 Front Squats + 10 second Front Rack Hold + 1 Jerk x 3

5 Sets
12 Front Rack Walking Lunges (185/125)
12 Ring Dips
24 GHD Sit-Ups

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