There seems to be quite a few people out there that are dealing with some type of plantar fasciitis from doing a little extra running on the side. After my trip to Peru I dealt with this for over a year. If you’ve ever had it and it progresses you know just how terrible and debilitating it can be, making it hard to even take a step, especially in the mornings.

I tried every remedy out there and nothing really seemed to help aside from completely resting and stopping all exercise. Completely resting just wasn’t an option for me so I kept looking into what could help provide relief and found three things that above all else made it possible to run for fun again.

The number one thing that helped is a specific shoe insert that I wear with everything now. The brand is called Superfeet and I will swear by these. They come in different colors, each color serves a specific purpose. I recommend the blue ones, they are designed to support the foot and the arch and are very easy to break in. After just one day of wearing these my feet felt better. You can find them in town at Dicks, they are a bit pricey but they are worth it. Don’t assume all inserts are created equal!

Second, is stretching the ankles and calves every day! Any stretches will do but the key here is you have to stay consistent with it and do them even if you start to feel better.

And lastly, rolling your feet out and releasing some of that tension and breaking up some of those knots will help a ton. This can be uncomfortable but will be worth the trouble in the end. Again I found one style of massage ball out there that just seemed to work way better than anything else. You can find something like these at Natural Grocers or you can get it through Amazon:

Ok, I hope this helps! I figured I’d do a quick write up on this because I know personally how frustrating and painful this can be and I was surprised how many people deal with it without any relief.

30 Cal Row
30 Box Jump Overs
30 Deadlifts (185/125)
30 Wallballs
30 Ring Dips
30 Wallballs
30 Deadlifts
30 Box Jump Overs
30 Cal Row

Performance Team
2x40Cal AirDyne Sprints (rest as needed between efforts)

3 Rounds
7 Ring Muscle Ups
20 MedBall GHD Sit-Ups

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  1. Jane McCann

    I’ve had that in both feet at different times and once at the same time. My choice of remedy was special boot to sleep in. It kept my foot at a 90 degree angle all night long. This takes a long time to heal and it comes back. Girls if you are wearing high shoes you are setting yourselves up for this

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