New Year……. Same You?

Each new year comes the same canned responses: “New Year, New Me!”, “20(insert year here) is my year!”, “Out with the Old in with the New!”. But how much change do we really see? And what steps are truly being taken to accomplish any sort of meaningful change at all? Instead of having the same old rhetoric as all the other years, maybe this year stop generalizing change and start taking actual realistic steps towards change.

A lot of what we do is purely a ripple of one step we took a long time ago, a ripple that we never veered away from. Some times this can be a very good thing, and other times this can be the very thing that’s limiting our change. Momentum turns to habit and before you’ve even finished shouting “New Year, New Me!” you’re falling right back into the same routine you’ve been doing for the past 10 years of your life.

So this NEW Year, instead of making some cookie cutter resolution, how about trying something NEW for a change? Anything! Instead of always putting it on that same played out Pandora station you always listen to every time you clean, try a different station, hell try a different music platform and see what they have to offer. Instead of music, try a podcast, or listen to a book a month. If you read the bible every day, maybe pick up a different book, learn about a new religion. I’m not saying convert but begin to see this world through a completely different set of principles and beliefs than the ones you’ve always listened to. Listen to people that have completely different opinions than you, watch the news, take an art class, do yoga, go run a marathon, learn to cook, try helping out your community. Be a better employee, give back to your job! Try expanding your mind into areas and interests that you never knew you had. You might surprise yourself, and you might find that through exploration comes real definite change. Through challenging your own beliefs and your own comforts comes a greater understanding of yourself and an actual NEW YOU for the NEW YEAR.

Stop the usual resolution rhetoric. Stop doubling down on the same hand you have, and rediscover that youthful curiosity we all once had, get rid of your arrogance and pride, quit thinking you have all the answers and become a student again. Open and ready to learn, taking what works and discarding what doesn’t, but living each experience fully. A new you can only come from new intrinsic and extrinsic experiences.

2 Squat Cleans

As Many Rounds as Needed
Work 3 minutes, Rest 1 minute
until you’ve completed all 50 Front Squats
Begin at the pull-ups at the start of each round
10 Pull-Ups
10 HSPUs
50 Front Squats (155/105)

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