Grow Legs Grow!

Cupid’s Chase 5k Team Link

Time to get stronger.


Lunges: Focus on proper weight distribution with each Lunging step. Be sure that the knee is inline with the foot on every step and that you are driving with both legs while keeping your midline as upright as possible throughout the lunge (no leaning forward coming out of your step).

Power Cleans: Each Power Clean should be crisp with an emphasis on a good technical receiving position (hips back, elbows up, pelvis held through your middle and not pushing forward). If you find that your legs are coming out too wide or you’re catching with your hips pushing forward, drop down in weight and build as heavy as good technique allows.

Squats: Go Heavy and keep it Heavy! Find a strong position and a weight that challenges you and go for it!

5 Sets
10 Back Rack Walking Lunges
5 Power Cleans

2×3 Back Squats
4×2 Back Squats

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