Sign Up for The Open

The Open is Here! Starting Saturday, the 24th of this month we will kickoff the first of 5 weekend workouts for the 2018 Open season. This is the best time of the year in our training because we get the opportunity to train alongside all of the other class times at the gym and push each other to another level.

The goal this year is to get the entire gym involved in the Open. Remember, it is 100% possible to scale every workout to every skill level. So if you are on the fence about signing up, do it! I’ve yet to talk to someone that has regretted signing up for the Open. Encourage others to sign up and join you, the more people we have, the better the environment!

It’s just $20 to join and it’s all done at your gym. Here’s the link to get started:

CrossFit Las Cruces
4 Sets
3 Push Press + 2 Split Jerks

8 Rounds
12 Single Arm Alternating Db or Kb Snatches (6 per arm)
25 Double Unders

Performance Team
5×2 Back Squat

4×2 Clean High Pulls

10×1 Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean

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