The Open Schedule

The 2018 Open officially starts today! The next five weeks will be just a little different than our normal schedule. The goal is to have the majority of the gym involved for the next 5 Saturdays in the Open. The nice thing about the CrossFit Open is that even though it’s a competition (which can make some people nervous or reluctant to join), it’s an in house competition with only our CFLC members competing. So even though you are going as hard as you can against one another it’s still all in good fun with a common goal of simply bringing out the best in each other.

So if you haven’t done so please sign up and commit for 5 Saturdays! Commit to pushing yourself and being accountable towards improving your fitness no matter where it is today. Let’s get as many people as we can there cheering each other on!

Because of the Open our schedule is going to vary:

Thursdays: Only Open Gym from 330-6pm. No Weightlifting. Following the Open Gym times we will have the 2018 Open Announcements on the TV starting at 6pm.

Friday’s: All normal Class times. The Friday workout will either be the Open workout that was just announced the night prior or a slight variation of that workout. For those not participating with the gym on Saturdays you will do your workout like normal. For those that are competing, I’ll post an alternate workout that will be more of a prep for the upcoming Saturday competition.

Saturday: Competition Day! Hopefully everyone can make this day and be there to support and cheer on their fellow gym members. We will have Heats going and fit in all of those competing in different Heats. The first Heat will start at 11am. I ask that everyone competing please arrive at the gym by 1040am so that we can start assigning people to Heats and organizing the competition day.

Again, let’s get as many people as possible participating in the Open. No excuses! Use this as an opportunity to push yourself and focus on being accountable towards your health and fitness. Focus on encouraging everyone at the gym to better themselves and do something outside of their ordinary day to day routine!

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