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18.1 is going to blow your arms up! Time to get swole! Like in years past I’ll have a full write up and suggestions for 18.1 on the next blog post either tomorrow night or Saturday morning, including pacing strategies and warm up suggestions. For those not competing in the Open, Friday’s workout will still feature 18.1 with some strength work before. For those that are competing I’ve listed a prep workout for Friday.

CrossFit Las Cruces
Split Jerk

8 Toes to Bar
5 per arm Db Hang Clean to Overhead
14/12 Cal Row

18.1 Prep (Saturday Competitors Prep Workout)
3 Rounds (practice the movements/no intensity)
Row 14/12 Calories
5/5 Db Hang Clean to Overhead

3 Sets
8 Close Grip OHS with bar only
4 Wall Crawls (push your head through and hold for a quick stretch)
1 Banded Good Morning Complex (5 forward and back, 5 to each side then 10 good morning)

Finish with
Couch Stretch
Banded Hip Flexor
Box Stretch
OHS Shoulder Stretch (see photo below)

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