Make sure you get to the gym by 1040 and fill out a scoresheet so that we can get our Heats going and have a smooth 18.1.

So far it sounds like 18.1 is a little grippy but all pacing. Go out too hot and you’ll suffer in the later rounds. You need to know who you are as an athlete, specifically with the Toes to Bar. Look at the big picture of reps and see what you have done in the past. Have you done workouts where you have accumulated 50 toes to bar easily? What about 60-75? 88+? Then think realistically how many rounds of 18.1 will get you to those numbers before you redline on Toes to Bar.

If you can do Toes to Bar all day then this is more about fast transitions and finding a good rhythm in your breathing. Most of us will have to break up the Toes to Bar. If you need to do so then do it early and make it the shortest break possible before jumping back on and completing your set.

The Dumbbell clean should be more of a swing coming from the middle of your body to the shoulder with the overhead Press utilizing more legs than anything else. We’ve done a lot of Dumbbell movements so I think most of you all are familiar with the “swing” type of movement.

The row also needs to be lots of legs with as little as possible arms. Do not hesitate getting on the rower. You’re not going to want to once you get deeper into the rounds but force yourself to just start no matter what the pace is!

I’ll post warmup suggestions on the back whiteboard for everyone. Basically a warmup for this one needs to be all about priming the arms and hips for a ton of work. Think Cleans, Burpees, double unders. Think mobility to open the hips and shoulders and think that you should have a warm sweat going before your Heat starts.

Good luck and I’ll see you all soon!

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