It’s Time!!!

18.2 is almost here. This one is a tough one as far as strategy goes, because you can have all the strategy in the world but it really just comes down to whether or not you can move through the first portion well enough to get to your bar.

Everyone has been saying the Burpees and squats only come on at about round 7. But when they do hit you they hit you hard! So pace and prepare for the back end, don’t kill it on the front end and get fooled into thinking you’re just going to breeze through the first portion.

Breathe!!!! Breathe through the squats. It’s not heavy enough to where you have to hold your breath and create a ton of tension through the squats. Breathe at both the top and the bottom of the squats and let your breathing go on the Burpees. Lots of breath is crucial here.

Your warmup needs to be big and needs to get you HOT! This is a very short workout, especially the first portion. It is short and demands a lot of power and quick bursts. Your body needs to be primed for all of this. A proper warmup will help push out when you hit that “wall”. Go in cold and that wall will come a whole lot sooner than you expected.

Load your bar with what you can hit on any training day, good or bad. This for most guys is about 70%, and most women a bit higher at 75-80%. If you finish within 9 minutes with the first portion then you should have about 4 good quality attempts at your lifts. Anything past 9 minutes and you will only have 2 maybe 3 attempts. Don’t panic if your first lift is a struggle. Your lifts will actually feel better as your heart rate slows and you “recover” later in the workout. Decide if you want to Squat clean or power clean. It does not specify Squat so if you can power clean close to what you Squat clean then that could be a realistic option for you.

Good luck guys! I will have your warmup posted on the back whiteboard just like last week.

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