Jump Jump!

18.3 is all about that jump rope and how efficient you can be with it. Yes yes I know there is a good amount of muscle ups in there too but how you manage the double unders throughout the workout is going to be key. Even for those Going Scaled this is a very challenging, very rep heavy workout. Know where you are for your skill set on the jump rope. If you have never done 100 reps unbroken let alone hundreds of reps unbroken, now is probably not the time to do so.

I would suggest focusing on staying relaxed, as soon as you feel yourself tensing up and really putting in a lot of effort on the rope it’s time to take a break. The goal for the workout is to move quickly while staying as relaxed as possible for as long as possible. When you do take a break it needs to be quick!

If you have a few Muscle Ups but are worried about even getting 5 or 6, then your Muscle up is your goal and all the reps beforehand should be to get you to the rings with as much energy as possible. Same goes for Pull-Ups on the Scaled end.

The warmup will be a bit different this time around. It will be more general with the goal being to get as much blood flow to the shoulder and establish a good aerobic base prior to the workout.

18.3 Prep

PVC Passes
Around the Worlds
Cuban Presses
Overhead Squats with PVC
*Use these tools to prep the shoulders for a lot of work

Specific Prep
10-15 minutes of a big global warmup staying aerobic (good sweat but able to maintain a conversation)
10-15 Cal AirDyne
10 Double Unders
10-15 Cal Row
5 Overhead Squats with bar

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