At first it’s not about the Deadlift, then at the end it’s all Deadlift. If you guys had a chance to see the Open announcement there was a good example of a pacing strategy and an example of one that wasn’t as good. Both athletes can easily finish a workout like Diane, both athletes have big deadlifts and can manage both 225 and 315 with ease. One, however, broke up the Deadlifts right from the start while the other went unbroken.

What we saw is that you can break up the lighter Deadlifts, which in turn reduces the time under tension and gives your body a quick break to recover and recharge. That way if you plan on getting to the heavier barbell in the “second” round you can do so with higher intensity and some energy still left in the bank. If you go all out in Diane then you will pay for it in the second portion.
Now the breaks that I’m talking about are not, walking around and drinking some water, taking a seat and adjusting your gear. The breaks are fast and focused, one to two quick breaths then back on.

Sets and Reps
Some ideas for the Deadlifts and HSPUs in the first round could be:
21: 11/10, 7/6/5/4
15: 8/7, 10,5, 6/5/4
9: 5/4
Again, quick breaks with intentional descending reps

The same goes for the Handstand Push-Up. If you aren’t the best at these then plan for the set of 9 not the first set of 21s. Go too hard in the first set and muscle fatigue may creep on you and make those 9s very very slow. Be sure to make every rep count, a no rep because you rushed through and didn’t ensure you were meeting the judging standard will cost you a lot of energy. Control your rep on the way up, get a good rep, then limit the amount of time spent descending down into your next rep. The eccentric time is what needs to be kept to a minimum here, especially if you plan on walking on your hands later.

If you are good inverted AND good at deadlifts, now is your time to shine. 9 minutes is very fast, staying focused on your specific approach for the workout is huge here.

Time to crush it!!!!

18.4 Warmup and Specific Prep
10 minutes
10-15 Cal Row
6 Inch Worm Walkouts
30 second Plank
10-15 Cal Row
6 Kb Swings
30 Second HS Hold

Banded Good Morning Complex

Build to a Heavy 3-5 rep Deadlift

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