Let’s Finish It

There’s been so much good that has come from this year’s Open. From people getting their first Muscle Ups and Pull-Ups to first Double Unders, to setting PR’s on their Cleans and even some on their Deadlifts.

This Saturday is even more special because Joe Granados has a chance at qualifying to make it to the next step towards the Games. Top 200 in the WORLD for his age bracket move on to Qualifiers and Joe is currently well within that group! This is something I know Joe has been working on for years and has always been a goal that we knew was possible. All of Joe’s hard work has been paying off and he has been working day in and day out on his bettering his weaknesses. It’s time for Joe to take the next step and we need to be there to cheer him on and give him that extra push when he needs it!

18.5 or 12.5 or 11.6 The Redo
7 hard minutes. Think Fran but longer and the “hit” comes later in the workout thanks to the ascending reps. Because of this plan for the back end and know that the 3’s and 6’s are going to lure you into a deceptive pace. Know where you are for your pull-ups especially those of you going into the workout Rx’d. Once, you’re power goes from the CTB Pull-Ups it’s gone so manage accordingly. Small fast sets is definitely doable here as long as you are jumping right back on the bar the second you come off. For most controlling the descent or eccentric part of the movement is really what starts to fatigue the muscles so you could even manage the later sets with a fast concentric pull going up to the bar, make contact with your chest and immediately drop and set right back up for your next rep. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO UNBROKEN. If you’ve got pull-ups for days and thrusters are your movement then have at it and go for broke, make it hurt! But if your know you have a hard time with the workout Fran and Pull-Ups fatigue around the 24-30 rep mark then know that puts you at around the 12’s for this workout and the 15’s are going to be tough! Be realistic and prepared for that.

Honestly, we’ve done so so many Thruster workouts that I feel everyone should have a good idea on where they stand with these and how deep into the reps they can go before they start to blow up. The weight is manageable for the entire 7 minutes, so focus on your breathe and have at it!

Time to finish big and put a solid ending to this year’s Open! Then we will Potluck after!

2 Rounds
10 Around the World’s
10 PVC Passes
8 YTWs
Inch Worms
10 Jumping Squats

4-5 Rounds
Row 200m
5 Thrusters (heavier than workout weight)
2-4 Pull-Ups

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