Something to be said about the Long Game

This was an interesting weekend. Saturday, Victoria and I went out and took part in a quick 5K. Then came the 7 minute AMRAP of 18.5. Then Sunday I got together with some of the fire guys and did the Bataan.

It was crazy to go from the shorter hold your pace and don’t fall off the 5K speed kinda race. Then go to the all out Lactic Acid bath that was the Open, only to turn around and go way way long with a 35lb ruck on your back.

I’ll always be a fan of the fast burners that are the majority of CrossFit workouts. And there’s no better feeling than pulling big weight off the floor successfully, but there is something to be said about going long.

Long Distance running is a totally different beast. It’s very taxing mentally. There’s no escaping the distance and there’s no escaping the fatigue and cramping that slowly starts chipping away at you mile after mile. You can’t fall on the floor and flop around after your 7 minutes is up. You’re committed, you’re accountable for 7 hours of work, hell 8 HOURS! Each aid station comes and you have to push yourself mentally to restart your run and get moving to the next aid station. You can’t just zone out and focus on good reps until the timer gives you an out. Eventually the negative talk seeps in, it finds a way. Eventually your body will start to shut down. And all of this comes when you’re out in the middle of nowhere with no other option but to put one painful step in front of the other and follow through with the commitments you made with yourself to finish.

What was really crazy about this weekend is that there were well over 8,000 people that were willing to take this challenge head on. And there was more diversity in this group than you could have ever imagined. All striving to honor and remember the past while going beyond their limits to really see what they were capable of when they went long.

CrossFit Las Cruces

Handstand Practice

5 Rounds (165/105)
10 Bench Press
10 Power Cleans
25′ HS Walk or 3 Wall Crawls

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