Grab a Vest

Memorial Day Murph is right around the corner. We are limited in the number of weight vests that we have so it is always helpful to bring your own vest if you’ve got it. If you have multiple vests and would like to bring those for others by all means do so!

Start time for our Murph workout will be Memorial Day Monday at 10am. We will all do the workout together as a group. Remember, just like all of our workouts, we can scale to your current fitness level. So if the workout seems like too much, we will find a good balance that will work for you. I’m thinking we could go out for lunch after and enjoy the day after a tough workout.

You can also register at The Murph Challenge where some of your proceeds will go to a good cause in memory of Lt. Michael Murphy.

CrossFit Las Cruces
60 HSPUs
*Every time you break complete 50 Double Unders

4 Rounds
15 Bench Press (165/95)
50′ HS Walk or 50′ Bear Crawl + 2 Wall Crawls
15 Toes to Bar

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