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Time to Register!

Ok guys sign up time is here for the Desert Games and we have a discount code specific for CrossFit Las Cruces! $50 off for team and $20 off for individual.

The discount is only good until June 20th, 12pm. Soooo we kind of need to get on this ASAP!

If you already have a team put together then sign up as early as you can because this will sell out. I’ll leave the discount link at the bottom here.

If you are interested but don’t have a team then please write your name on the whiteboard no later than the end of classes tomorrow and what division you want to be in and I will try to find a team for you as best as possible. The teams consist of 2 males and 2 females so the numbers have to work out obviously. No later than tomorrow though please!

If you can’t make it into the gym but are thinking of giving it a shot then text me and let me know 635-7276.

Here’s the discount link:

CrossFit Las Cruces

Back Squat

4 Sets
3 Touch n Go Squat Cleans

Finish with 150 Walking Lunges

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Desert Games

The Desert Games is coming back and registration opens this Monday at 8am. This will sell out fast!

The competition takes place this year on 8/18 and will have once again Scaled and Rx Teams along with Firebreather Individuals.

If you are thinking about competing but don’t have a team please put your name and division that you’d like to compete in on the whiteboard.

If you have a team already organized please still put your names and division so that we know who’s doing what and can start planning for our training cycles.

This is by far the biggest and most fun competition out there. The workouts and level of competition always make for an exciting and challenging day. Time to start training for it!

CrossFit Las Cruces

Push Press
Split Jerk

18 Db or Kb Squats
15 Db or Kb Hang Power Cleans
12 HSPUs

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Row Row Row Your

CrossFit Las Cruces

2 Rounds
30 AbMat Sit-Ups
20 GHD Sit-Ups
20 Dead Hang Knee Raises (no kip)
20 second L-Sit
10 Parallette Pass Throughs or Forward Crab Walk down and back

1750m Row
20 Deadlifts (315/225)
1750m Row

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A Little Housekeeping

Alright guys so we seem to go in waves with this one and it seems like it’s time again for a little reminder.
Wipe Down Your Used Equipment: This includes your barbell. Please wipe down your barbell with the Clorox wipes that we have right next to where the barbells are. Please do not rack your barbells with your chalk still caked on. Pull-up bars, mats, rowers, wallballs, if you sweat all over it (and in some cases bled on it!) please be courteous to the next class following you and wipe the equipment down.
Pick up After Your Kiddos: I get it, I get it, our kids can wreak havoc within seconds of arriving at their destination, but please take the extra 5 minutes before you run out to your next activity to wipe down and pick up after the havoc that your kids created.
Use our Trash Cans: There are trash cans everywhere in the gym. Please use them! We have a gum wrapper bandit in our gym, their choice is Trident and Extra Gum (yes it happens so often I know the brand of gum they chew). This bandit leaves their wrapper on the floor almost EVERY DAY. Almost every day this person gets out a piece of gum, opens the wrapper, pulls the gum out and pops it in, then they just drop the wrapper wherever they please and go on with their workout. This is disrespectful, please stop. Find a trash can and use it.

There is a lot of time spent in keeping the gym clean for you guys, day in day out, every week throughout the year, but we need the members help in maintaining it from class to class. Please do your part in getting the gym set up for the class that follows you.

CrossFit Las Cruces

8 Rounds
10 Alternating Db Snatches
20 Sit-Ups

Every 2 Minutes for 6 Rounds
50 Double Unders (*if you don’t have Double Unders then 70 Singles)
5 Hang Power Cleans (205/140)

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Now Legs

We hit the shoulders good on Wednesday, now we have to work on getting some strong legs to carry those shoulders around!

CrossFit Las Cruces

Back Squat

20 Db or Kb Walking Lunges
15 Db or Kb Squats
9 Db or Kb Hang Power Cleans

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Boulder Shoulders

Lots of Pressing movements coming your way. Focus on finishing each press locked out with your body stacked directly in line and under the bar. Finish with both your lats and traps engaged and stabilizing the shoulder at the top (think reach and push through as high as you can).

As the bar comes down, prepare your core and breath to take the load. Your body is the foundation that the bar rests on so it needs to be as rigid and powerful as possible! Then explode up and create force that drives the bar up into your next rep!

CrossFit Las Cruces

4 Sets
5 Push Press w/4 second tempo on descent

Push or Split Jerk

10 Lateral OTB Burpees
25 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
25 Lateral OTB Burpees
10 Shoulder to Overhead (225/155)

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Working on that Pull!

We are starting the week off with some practice on the pull-up. For the first section choose something that is challenging for all four sets. Either strict pull-ups or weighted pull-ups. If you are still working on building strength for your first unassisted pull-up then maybe use this time to get in some strict banded work along with a few negative reps (just don’t go too crazy on the negatives as they have a big affect stressing the muscles differently).

CrossFit Las Cruces

4 Sets
8 Hard Pull-Ups
15 GHD Sit-Ups

Time Cap 8 Minutes
20 Clusters (155/105)

9 Toes to Bar
3 Ring Muscle Ups
Burpee Pull-Ups

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