Here are the teams that I have registered for the Desert Games. I tried to register as many complete teams as possible as early as possible, hence the generic Team names. The cost of early registration with the discount is $150. That’s $37.50 per person, which is still a great deal for a competition. I put down $600 up front to get these teams on, so if you all could pay me back sooner rather than later it would be appreciated. Ok so here are your teams that I have registered:

CFLC Red: Gabe, Josh, Sophia, Danae (Scaled)
CFLC White: Caleb, Steve, Vicki, Jasmine (Scaled)
CFLC Gold: Mark, Matt, Chau, Alex (Scaled)
CFLC Black: Jake, Matt G., Victoria, Marrah

Let’s Get It!!!

CrossFit Las Cruces

3 Sets
8 Bent Over Rows (with a 2 second pause at top)
8 Snatch Grip Push Press
4 Wall Crawls

3 Rounds
30 Kb Swings
25 Box Jumps
20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

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