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Here we Go!

All workouts for the Desert Games have been announced and all of them will require some planning and good team execution. Be sure to check out all the videos and movements at

CrossFit Las Cruces

Tabata Strict Press (bar only)
Tabata Push Press (bar only)

2 Rounds
200m Front Rack Kb Walk
25 GHD Sit Ups

3 Rounds
7 Power Clean and Jerks (155/115)
40 Double Unders
25′ HS Walk or 4 Wall Crawls

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Some Great Takeaways

John lent me a book last week that I had been wanting to read but honestly had forgotten about it. It has some great takeaways and a lot of great training advice that can be used both in and outside of the gym. Reading it right now before the 2018 CrossFit Games also seemed like great timing. If you have a chance pick it up and give it a quick read. It’s a short book that’s an easy read too.

In the book there is a discussion on focusing solely on the things that are completely within your control and letting go of those that are not. I think the picture shown in the book was just too perfect for what we will be facing during our own competition at the Desert Games. Some of you already know where to direct your energy while some of us may need a little guidance. Hopefully this helps:

Focus on the inner circle, things within your control and not on the outer external factors.

CrossFit Las Cruces

4 Reps of either Hang Squat Clean or Hang Squat Snatch

Row 1000m
50 Walking Lunges
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (135/95)
50 Walking Lunges
Row 300m

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Team Training Continues

We will once again tackle some of the Desert Games workouts this Saturday starting at 1130am. Bring your crew and get dialed in! All three of the workouts require some planning and practice, and the more you can do so with your team the better off you’ll be come game day.

CrossFit Las Cruces

3 Sets
2 Push Jerks + 2 Split Jerks

50 Wallballs
40 Db or Kb Hang Clean to Press
30 Box Jumps

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Lost and Found

Love is patient
Love is kind
It does not envy
It does not boast…

Whose rings are these
Your ass is toast!!

We have two silicone wedding bands that were found in the gym. One green and one black. They are in the office, come and claim yours before that special someone notices!

CrossFit Las Cruces

100 Burpees for time!

3 Squat Cleans (225/155)
3 Bar Muscle Ups or 5 Pull-Ups

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The team chippers are going to be a challenge! It will definitely test our fitness and ability to keep grinding through some tough movements! The DB Box Step Overs are no joke buuuuut we’ve got some great teams that are always willing to get after it!

CrossFit Las Cruces

3 Rounds
100m Kb Suitcase Carry
12 Parallette Passes
100m Kb Overhead Carry
15 GHD Sit-Ups

Tabata Toes to Bar

3 Rounds
Row 25cal
12 Db Box Step Overs

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What’s it Gonna Be?

What sort of crazy chaser Chipper do we have in store for us at this year’s Desert Games?? We will find out Monday at 7pm!

CrossFit Las Cruces

Build to a relatively heavy 8 Rep Back Squat

Then 1 Max Effort Set at that weight. The goal is 15+ reps

Every 3 minutes for 6 Rounds:
5 Hang Power Cleans (225/145)
20 Double Unders

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It’s On!

Desert Games Teams!: If you haven’t seen yet, some of our awesome members took it upon themselves to get a worm made! And it is Flippin Sweet! Thanks Gabe and Dave! Sooo this coming Saturday team practice can be a legit run through on the workouts. Practice will take place once again this Saturday at 1130am. See you all there!

CrossFit Las Cruces

5 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (225/155)
20 Wallballs
10 Box Jump Overs

Immediately after the 5 Rounds:
15 Overhead Squats (185/120)

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