Standards Meeting

So not too much stood out at tonight’s standards meeting.

The BIG one is for the Complex workout. Each team member has to make an attempt on EVERY bar. Soooo yes we practiced wrong and yes we will have way less time to make our lifts.

Individuals, you have a tie break of hang Cleans that you can hit whenever you think you’ve hit your limit.

Individuals: for the sandbag workout you can switch hands on the dumbbell in mid air as long as you are having BOTH bells touch the ground at the bottom. You do NOT have to alternate shoulders on the sandbag over the shoulders, just as long as you extend your hips fully and get the bag over. On the shuttle sprint you have to touch the marker on the ground with your hand. You can’t just step on it and turn and go. Box jumps you also need to be fully extended at the top.

Teams: reps are counted for the Step Overs when both feet of each partner are on the top of the box. Burpees are counted when all teammates are at the bottom of their burpee.

That’s really about it! We will be there bright and early around 7 since we are the first heat. If you need your team bags and wristbands please text me when you are at the convention center and I will meet you at the door. 575-635-7276.

See you all tomorrow! Please do your best to keep in mind that we have a great reputation with those that are putting on the event and we want to keep that going. Be a good competitor! Talk to those around you, encourage each other, and don’t argue with your judge. If there is a problem please come to me and I will do my best to help you. Also, make sure you verify the judges scorecard and make sure it is right. Don’t just sign it and stumble away after your workout without even looking at it!

Let’s do this!!!!!

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