Congrats to everyone that came out this weekend and gave it their all at the Desert Games. It was great seeing all of our members push just a little harder than they were used to, rather than stopping and taking that break, our members went further and found those extra reps! There’s nothing better than a challenge that helps you and your teammates find motivation and a new limit that perhaps you didn’t know you were capable of. I’m so proud of the CFLC members for giving it their all on that competition floor.

Big congrats also to the Amrappers Delight! They took 3rd in a huge scaled division of 40 teams!

My favorite part was of course the dinner after. You guys really are some of the best people to spend time with and I love hanging out with the CFLC fam. We’ve got a special community here at our gym and I hope you guys saw that this weekend. No other gym showed up as big as we did with as many teams and had such a good time doing it all. You guys are the best!

Tomorrow’s blog will have a short highlight video with some of the pics taken from this weekend.

CrossFit Las Cruces


Row 1000m
100 Push-Ups
Row 600m
40 Bench Press (135/85)
Row 200m
20 HSPUs

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