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Pull-Up Work

On the Pull-Up portion, be sure to challenge yourself. The reps do not need to be unbroken here, just good quality reps. If you use a band, pick one that still makes you do most of the work. The goal here is to build strength and stability that can later be transferred into a stronger kipping movement.

CrossFit Las Cruces

2 Sets
12 Weighted Pull-Ups
10 Strict Pull-Ups
9 Kipping Pull-Ups

In 10 minutes build to a heavy of the following Complex:
1 Clean Deadlift
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Power Clean

9 HSPU’s
6 Squat Cleans (225/155)

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Time to get back on the tempo squats. The first group of squats will be the tempo that we have done where it is constant motion that is very controlled without stopping at the bottom or top of the squat.

The second group will be a “speed squat” but still controlled. Controlled on the way down then fast and explosive on the way up.

CrossFit Las Cruces

3 Sets
15 Supinated Bent over Row
10 Strict Press
8 Bulgarian Split Squats

4 Sets
8 Tempo Back Squats @50% +10
20 Second L-Sit

2×10 Back Squat (speed tempo) @75%

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Thruster Tuesday’s!!!

First Thrusters then Tacos

CrossFit Las Cruces

Thrusters (135/95)

Between each Round complete
10 Db Snatches
15 Push-Ups
20 Squats

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Don’t splash the pot

I’m not sure how many have noticed but we have a package of poker chips where the Abmats are stored. You can use these chips to help keep count of how many rounds you have done in an AMRAP style workout or high rep workout. It’s a lot simpler and cleaner than trying to scribble rounds down with chalk on the mats. I still like just using tally marks on the whiteboard but if I’m too far away from the whiteboards then the chips are a great substitute.

CrossFit Las Cruces

3 Power Cleans
2 Power Cleans

10 Hang Power Cleans (165/115)
30 Pull-Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans
30 Cal Row
10 Hang Power Cleans
30 Pull-Ups

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It’s a Potluck!

This Saturday the CFLC crew will be having a Potluck/Pool Party to wish Axel farewell and to celebrate Axel and Aaron’s birthdays.

Bring your best dish and have a good time. It all starts at 4pm at 575 El Prado!

We’ve got a new movement coming at you to finish the week off. Here is a demo video. This can be done with a dumbbell as shown or you can do them with kettlebells laid out to the side then you pick them up as you come up from your push-up and continue through with your swing overhead.

CrossFit Las Cruces

Back Squat
4×2 @90% +5lbs

75 Double Unders
Devil’s Press
Db or Kb Thrusters
75 Double Unders

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Time to Add

Time to build some progressions on our percentages. Remember, if you feel your percentages are already heavy enough then you can stay there but if you hit all of your numbers last week then go ahead and add the additional 5-10lbs on your working sets.

CrossFit Las Cruces

Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
Run 100m between each set
16 minute Time Cap

Back Squat
2×8 @75% +5
1×5 @80% +10
2×3 @85% +5

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Percentage +

For this new progression on our squat cycle your percentages will have your percentage plus 5-10lbs. If you hit all of your numbers last week then go ahead and add the extra weight on to your percentage numbers. If you were unable to complete all your sets last week at the set percentages then you can choose to just do the original percentages and leave out the plus.

The first wave using the percentage plus will be this Wednesday.

CrossFit Las Cruces

2xME of the following complex:
Weighted Pull-Ups
Strict Pull-Ups
Kipping Pull-Ups

Row 10 Cal
10 Toes to Bar

Squat Cleans (155/105)
Burpee Box Jumps

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