CrossFit Las Cruces and our blueprint

The members’ blueprint was put in place to have one point of contact between the gym and its members. Here is where you will find any information about upcoming events being held at the gym as well as in our community. Schedule changes and holiday times will also be posted here in advance so that you can plan accordingly. Videos related to all things CrossFit will also be posted along with a little bit of random rants that might come to mind.
Most importantly, the workout for the following day will be posted. Hopefully this will help you the member better plan for your workout (for example:working on flexibility and mobility prior to arriving at the gym). I do feel I need to ask that you do not use this as a tool to “cherry pick” your workout days, choosing only those days that cater to your strengths while avoiding those that may be harder for you personally. Remember,to get better we cannot only work on our strengths, but we must also attack our weaknesses. Members can also post their workout times here as well as any comments they may have.
You can also subscribe to receive the blueprint through email. Just sign up with the follow button located on the bottom of the page. This would be the most efficient way to receive the workouts and info we may have about the gym and it is highly encouraged that everyone at the gym subscribe. Each day will be a new post and I promise to not take too much of your time.


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