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Grab yer Partner

Our conditioning piece will be a partner WOD, time to team up and get after it!


Partner WOD
Complete together with a partner:

160 Wallballs (each person can only do ten at a time then switch)

400m Overhead Plate Carry (200m per person)(45/25) *walking with plate held overhead the entire time

200 Double Unders or 300 Singles (break it up however you’d like, while one person is jump roping the other is doing burpees)

400m Overhead Plate Carry (200m/200m)

100 Toes to Bar (break up reps however you want, one partner will hold their plate overhead while the other is working on Toes to Bar)

400m Run with plate (200m with plate then switch)

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Spread the Word

We are starting another New Member 6 Week Challenge. It will run from Oct. 30th through December 8th. I’m thinking about having two separate classes, one with class times: Monday Wednesday and Friday at 730pm and another on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 930am. The Challenge will include workouts focusing on proper movement patterns alongside nutrition and meal planning. 

If you know of anyone who is interested let me know by the end of this week so that we can get them set up!


2 Power Snatches
2 Full Snatches

30 cal Row
30 Power Snatches (135/95)
30 cal Row
30 Full Snatches (135/95)

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Developing a Better Rack

A lot of missed Jerk attempts come from a weak front rack position. Either due to lack of flexibility, strength, familiarity or all of the above. Many people miss or “rush” their Jerk after a successful Clean simply because they do not like the feeling of having a PR heavy bar resting on their shoulders and close to their neck. 

If you want to build to having a heavier Jerk, first start at your front rack position. Are the elbows high leaving the bar resting on your shoulders? Are the lats engaged and pushing through the triceps? Is the torso and chest big and full creating a stable platform for a solid Dip and Drive? Are you comfortable holding heavy lifts in the rack while still keeping your breath and not getting light headed?

A good first step towards building this strength can come from time under tension. Holding the position while loaded and going over the cues mentioned above over and over until it’s second nature. 

4 Sets
2 Front Squats + 10 second Front Rack Hold + 1 Jerk x 3

5 Sets
12 Front Rack Walking Lunges (185/125)
12 Ring Dips
24 GHD Sit-Ups

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Frantasy Land

It’s been a while since we gave this one a shot. Seeing this video always makes me think, “oh this doesn’t look too bad” then BAM!


21-15-9 reps of:
95-lb. thrusters
15-12-9 reps of:
115-lb. thrusters
Chest-to-bar pull-ups
12-9-6 reps of:
135-lb. thrusters
Bar muscle-ups

Performance Team
4 Rounds
40 Cal Bike
15 Back Squats
20 GHD Sit-Ups

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Taking a Break

We’ve been doing a lot of barbell work lately so for the next workout we’ll be taking a break from that barbell and going into a nice breather of a workout. 

Row (rest in between each effort)

Row 30cal
20 Toes to Bar
15 Box Jump Overs
10 Kb Clean and Jerks
5 Rope Climbs

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Killing it on a Monday

I had the pleasure of watching many of you in today’s workout and one thing held constant through all the classes, you guys killed it! Everyone approached the thirty minute timeframe with a steady intense pace and everyone chose a weight that was challenging for them. It was great seeing how far people have progressed in their pull-ups and in their Weightlifting. Fast transitions and a focused determination throughout the lifts got people multiple high volume rounds! Great job guys, keep it up!

3 Sets
5 Snatch Grip Push Presses
1 Jerk Complex
(split jerk + 10 second front rack hold + split jerk + 10 second hold + split jerk)

4 Sets
8 Bench Press
30 Second L-Sit
10 HSPU to 30′ HS Walk or Max HS Hold

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Normal Hours

Actually, Columbus didn’t really discover Ameri…….yes yes we know we know but be that as it may, some of you still have a holiday coming your way tomorrow. We here at CFLC will have our normal business hours. See you at the gym!

30 Squats
15 Pull-Ups
10 Burpees
2 Hang Squat Cleans (245/165)

Performance Team
5 Rounds
20 cal AirDyne SPRINT
40 Double Unders
*Rest as needed between rounds

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