More Benching!

If you’ve been following the Regional announcements you’ve see the announcement of one of the original “girl” workouts: Linda.

Linda was one of my favorites when I first started out with CrossFit because it wasn’t too complicated and wasn’t that far off the path of what one would do at your typical bodybuilder type of gym. And to this day it is still a great go to workout. The Regional version is a bit modified from the original with the set weights but the set weights makes it a more even workout no matter the size of the athlete.

We’re going to modify the reps up just a bit to keep it fast and within a shorter time cap. The weights prescribed will be the same as those prescribed at Regionals. If you can, try to stay as prescribed as possible on this one!

CrossFit Las Cruces

2 Sets
5 Weighted Pull-Ups
5 Strict Pull-Ups
5 Kipping Pull-Ups
5 Bar Muscle Ups

Linda Style
Deadlifts (295/220)
Bench Press (195/135)
Squat Clean (145/105)

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Intensity in your Strength Session Matters Most!

We preach this a lot before our strength sessions but I’d like everyone to really be honest with themselves. Ask yourself if you are really pushing the intensity in your strength training or are you playing it safe and only hitting numbers that you know are within your everyday capabilities. When was the last time you failed on a set and fell a few reps short of your goal? When was the last time you got nervous before committing to hitting your working sets? Intensity creates change!

CrossFit Las Cruces
4 Rounds
300m All Out Row Quit Pacing It!!!!
10 HIGH Box Jumps

Back Squat

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Grab a Vest

Memorial Day Murph is right around the corner. We are limited in the number of weight vests that we have so it is always helpful to bring your own vest if you’ve got it. If you have multiple vests and would like to bring those for others by all means do so!

Start time for our Murph workout will be Memorial Day Monday at 10am. We will all do the workout together as a group. Remember, just like all of our workouts, we can scale to your current fitness level. So if the workout seems like too much, we will find a good balance that will work for you. I’m thinking we could go out for lunch after and enjoy the day after a tough workout.

You can also register at The Murph Challenge where some of your proceeds will go to a good cause in memory of Lt. Michael Murphy.

CrossFit Las Cruces
60 HSPUs
*Every time you break complete 50 Double Unders

4 Rounds
15 Bench Press (165/95)
50′ HS Walk or 50′ Bear Crawl + 2 Wall Crawls
15 Toes to Bar

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It’s Almost that Time Again

Mark your calendars! Memorial Murph is going down once again at CFLC.

More details to come tomorrow!

3 Squat Cleans

3 Sets
10 Romanian Deadlifts
8 Bent Over Rows
15 YTWs

3 Rounds
3 Minutes of:
20 Seconds ME Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans
40 Seconds Walking Lunges

Rest 2 Minutes

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Start Your Weekend Here

He’s not just a badass in the gym, Matt Lujan has some serious skills as an artist. Go check out an exhibit of some of his work!

CrossFit Las Cruces

2 Sets
50 Sit-Ups
20 Toes to Bar
10 GHD Sit-Ups

Strict Pull-Ups
Front Squats (155/105)

5 Deadlifts (135/95)
*”Rest” is at the top. Complete 5 Reps then hold the weight in the hang position for the remainder of the minute then hit your next set of 5 reps on the minute then continue on with your hold in the hang position.

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Never Too Late

Recently, the Las Cruces Sun News stopped by and did a piece on John. It’s a pretty good read and has some great photos of John doing his thing. Here’s the link to the article. If John doesn’t motivate you then I don’t know what will!

CrossFit Las Cruces

3 Sets
10 per side Single Arm Sotts Press
15 Ring Rows
30 Second L-Sit

15 Minutes to Build to a 3 rep Touch n Go Full Snatch

20 Minute time cap
30 Back Squats (from the ground, no rack) (225/155)
Every time you drop the bar complete a 300m Row

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Trivia Time!

CrossFit Las Cruces

Alternating EMOM 12
A) 3 Snatches
B) 20 Double Unders

10 Ring Dips
30 Walking Lunges
10 Overhead squats (115/85)

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